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Regional Team

The Regional Committee is responsible for the development of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting in the Region and in particular for the implementation the regional strategy.

The Africa Committee WAGGGS was elected by delegates in the 13th Africa Regional Conference, which met in Tanzania, July 2023

Faniry Rakotoarivony, Chair Africa

Faniry Rakotoarivony

Guiding for Faniry is a passion and a very important part of her life since she joined when she was 7. She works in the field of education and communication as a language instructor and a freelance translator. 

Over the next triennium (2023-2025),  Faniry envisions to further support MOs in Africa to provide relevant quality guiding experience to its members so that the latter can fully be proud and fulfilled to be part of this life-changing movement. Besides, She would like to support MOs in Africa to become stronger in governance and resource mobilization; to enhance their visibility at local, national and international levels; to strengthen their community involvement;  to help hundreds of thousands of young women grow as leaders and make positive impacts locally, regionally and globally through community involvement and advocacy.  

Besides her involvement in girl guiding, she is passionate about travelling and interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds. She hopes her new role as the Africa region Chair will help develop and implement strategic plans that will make the  Africa region thrive further so as to empower girls to be fulfilled, to take the lead and make their communities better places. 

Lucia Ndaga V-Chair Africa

Lucia Ndanga

Lucia Ruvarashe is a smart, quirky, young feminist, body confidence activist and lawyer in the making. She has a wealth of experience in advocacy training and execution not only in girl guiding having done campaigns on child sexual exploitation and body confidence in Zimbabwe but also working under and for NGOs such as Alliance for Women Advocating for Change, Justice Defenders Uganda and Public Interest Law Clinics doing social, pro bono work and consultancy for marginalized groups of people in Uganda.  

As the current Vice Chairperson of the Regional Committee, she also looks forward to using her role to inspire and work with young women and girls to be the best versions of themselves and achieve infinite possibilities. She's firm believer in feminism and promoting social economic and political empowerment for a gender balanced society that will accomplish a progressive society. Furthermore, she hopes to fulfil her mandate by empowering girls and young women using her experience and harnessing the power and skills of volunteers in the region to make Africa vibrant. 

When she is not engrossed in legal texts, promoting and advocating for social justice, she loves to travel, read a good self-help or fictional book and socialising. 

Fuasta mONSI

Fausta Monsi
Committee Member

Fausta is a young leader with a wide range of skills. In her active life, she works in communications and sustainable development, within a multinational company that operates in transport and logistics. 

Her motto: remain steadfastly determined because the greatest wisdom is a steadfast determination. She nurtures a passion for art, reading, traveling, humanitarian works. For her, there is no greater happiness than knowing that you have helped change someone's life. 

It is a great pride for me to join the Africa regional committee. The challenges for our region are great, but together, by giving of our time, heart and talent, we will continue to develop African Guiding.

Iyanu Sonde

Sonde Iyanuolowa
Committee Member

Sonde Iyanuoluwa is the Founder of the fast-rising organization named Iyanu Reusable Pad Empowerment Project (IRPEP), that focuses on eradicating Period Poverty amongst girls and Young Women, as well as contributing to climate action by reducing plastic pollution that occurs from disposal of Disposable sanitary products commonly used. 

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts(WAGGGS) has been a major backbone for igniting her passion for Girl child and young women, where she has been serving as a youth and also learning for almost 17 years now, on topics relating to Violence against girl child and young women, Self Esteem, Body Confidence, Leadership and Internet Safety. 

She believes in the power of inner will, strength and potentials thus the reason she lives by the quote "We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better" -JK Rowling

Christina Ruhinda

Christina Ruhinda
Committee Member

Ms. Christina Kamili Ruhinda is a Lawyer, holding a master’s degree in Governance and Leadership. She is also the Executive Director of the Tanzania Network of Legal Aid Providers (TANLAP).     

Christina's interest is placing girls and young women at the centre of everything she does in the Committee and building a formidable Africa Region. She is looking to improve the education for girls in the region and to inspire prospective Member Organisations to join WAGGGS.



Marie Laure Agnan
Committee Member

Marie-Laure loves guiding. She is a civil servant of the State of Ivory Coast and has been working for almost 10 years in the financial sector. She had the chance to become a guide at a very young age and this allowed her to learn; to acquire experience and to share it.  

Through her presence in the committee, she would like to work for the influence of her Region, by offering OMs but also young leaders quality experiences; by encouraging and helping OMs to increase their membership by facilitating the exchange of good practices between OMs; and by continuing to impact the lives of many young girls and women in Africa through concrete actions.  

In addition to all this, she loves to discover other cultures; travel and dance.  














Carine Uwizeyimana

Africa Region Manager

Muraho (Hello!), my name is Carine and I am Africa Regional Manager. I am based in Kigali-Rwanda. I have been involved in Guiding as far as I remember. I am determined to do my best to support MOs and deliver exciting life-changing experiences in The Africa Region. I am looking forward to meeting you virtual or face to face!