Problems accessing Campfire?

Silvana Somoza
Silvana Somoza WAGGGS Staff • جي إف واي

🙋 Have you registered and you cannot access Campfire? That can happen! 

Our team is doing a great work unblocking users manually, meaning that the process may take a while during the approval of your account by different teams. 

As you may know Campfire was open to WAGGGS lead volunteers, staff, and MOs keys contacts. We are now welcoming Global volunteers and JLS participants! ☘️

In the meantime, we would like to invite you to access to the public resources we have in the platform:


🔑 If you have an approved account but you forgot your password, click here and follow the steps to reset your password.


Thank you for your comprehension and we are looking forward to seeing you soon in Campfire.


Campfire Team