📢 Surf Smart Advocacy Fund – Call for applications! 

We are delighted to announce that this year we have launched the Surf Smart Advocacy Fund.

The Surf Smart Advocacy Fund will take girls and young women on an advocacy journey during which they will receive training to implement advocacy campaigns towards creating inclusive and equal spaces on the internet 🖥️

Overall Aim: - Girls and young women will have the skills, resources, and confidence to implement advocacy campaigns and engage with people in power to work towards creating an inclusive and better internet.

Applications for the Surf Smart Advocacy Fund are OPEN! 

Apply for the Fund now!!!

Head to the WAGGGS website to complete the application form here 👉 https://www.wagggs.org/.../surf.../surf-smart-advocacy-fund/ and send it to surfsmart@wagggs.org.

MOs are invited to submit applications for this fund by the end of 28th April 2023.