The 2022-23 WAGGGS Global Strategy prioritises services and activities that enable the Movement to start delivering Compass 2032 and supports MOs to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. For the Movement to best contribute to creating an equal world where all girls can thrive, we must become a girl-led Movement. By the end of 2023 we must be ready to rise to this challenge through our 2024-29 strategy.

This strategy describes the support WAGGGS will offer MOs and the Movement under four strategic themes:

  • Thriving Member Organisations, Thriving Movement
  • International Connections and Global Community
  • Quality Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting
  • Leadership and Voice

There is a fifth area of work described in the strategy, covering internal investments we must make to ensure WAGGGS is a strong global membership organisation that meets our legal and governance obligations, values and supports personnel and volunteers in their work, and is fit to support the Movement into the future.

In developing this strategy, we are extremely mindful of the constraints created by our financial context, as well as the wider operating context of WAGGGS and the Movement in the world today. Due to our nature as a global organisation working with 152 national MOs, the wide range of services and activities we offer is driven in part by the diversity of the Movement, as different services are valued differently according to each MO’s delivery model and context. This can make prioritisation challenging. Achievement of the work described in the strategy relies on flexibility in two areas; phasing and scaling, as well as the involvement of MOs in those projects that rely on collaboration across the Movement. The World Board holds the Global Team to account on delivery of the strategy and our improved reporting processes4F4Fwill enable MOs to follow progress more closely.



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