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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 



3     Objectives
4     What is a Strategic Plan and Why is it Done
4     Overview of WAGGGS Strategic Plan
5     Planning Linked to Finance – Budgeting
5     People Involved
6     When is Planning Done
6     Steps to Strategic Planning
11    A Sample Strategic Plan

13    Objectives
14    What is a Budget and Why is it Done
15    Overview of WAGGGS Budget
15    People Involved
15    Analysis Before Budgeting
16    Steps to Budgeting
18    A Sample Budget



This resource material was a result of the commitment and collaborative effort of the volunteers of the Capacity Building Finance Team.

Special thanks to the following:

  • Mentors of the Capacity Building for supporting the Capacity Building Finance Team. Thank you for your invaluable time, wisdom and encouragement.
  • Artist Francine Beatriz DG. Pradez for the amazing illustrations, lay-out and aesthetics of the booklet.

And to all who in one way or another made this resource material possible, we would like to express our utmost gratitude and appreciation.

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) designed a Capacity Building Assessment Tool to support associations to understand their own organizational capacity as measured against an organizational capacity model and defined minimum standards of membership.  The tool also assists WAGGGS Global Team to identify what type of support is required to most effectively develop and grow each association, and to support the development of new and improved tailored services and products.

The Capacity Assessment Tool (CAT) was organized into four different areas that comprise different organizational elements including Finance.

WAGGGS volunteers formed the WAGGGS Capacity Building (CB) Teams, one of which is the Capacity Building Finance Team. It is about having an experience team in financial management in particular to support Member Organizations (MOs) in Finance. 

Some of the support rendered by the CB Finance team members are to work with MOs to further develop financial systems and processes; mentor MOs in policy development, financial guide books and procedural development; and pulling together or creating a material used and assisting with implementation where required.

The element of Finance has the consideration on the area of Planning and Budgeting. As a way to guide MOs, girl guides and girl scouts, you will find in this material discussion on the topics Planning and Budgeting.

This resource material was one of the dream projects that the CB Finance Team realized and successfully did. 

We hope that everyone will find this resource material useful and valuable.

WAGGGS Capacity Building Finance Team
Precious Joyce P. Alzate, Susan Birnie and Patricia Kassamia Mbuya