The past year has been challenging for many Member Organizations (MOs), hasn’t it? Many struggled to keep the basic operations running and integrity of the organization intact.

In 2020, WAGGGS spoke to 115 MOs and 95% of them have suspended in-person activities and expected loss of membership due to results of the pandemic. MOs expressed concern and asked WAGGGS for things like:

− More GG/GS online safety,

− Support in crisis management,

− Different delivery of programmes and resources,

− Concern about membership figures,

− Improve visibility of GG/GS,

− Financial aid and fundraising, and

− Adapting to “new normal”.


So, taking action and finding efficient ways to retain the existing members and recruit new ones in the upcoming months is essential to keep Girl Guiding, Girl Scouting and Scouting alive and strong for future generations!

Have you been struggling with declining membership numbers? Have you experienced lack of direction how to keep the existing and go about recruiting new members?

You are either large or small membership organization? It does not matter; we have some tips and ideas for you.

On the next pages you will find some inspirational and proven ideas to help you get started. Some are quick to plan and try out, some will take more planning and time. Adapt them to your situation, needs and resources.

No matter what your membership vision, targets or plans are, we encourage you to look at the ideas below and just give some a go!

The list includes 99 ideas you can use to attract new members and retain the existing ones.

Ideas are divided into several categories, so you can easily skip through sections.