Did you know that all around the world, young people - especially girls and young women - struggles with self-esteem as a result of low body confidence? Up to 80% of girls avoid important life activities because they feel bad about their looks.

Girls often lack body confidence because they are constantly told to achieve an impossible 'perfect' look: society's beauty standards. They are sent the message every day that if they want to be valued, happy, and successful, they need to look a certain way. And this is harmful and can have a long-term negative impact to young people's health and well-being.

Low body confidence is not only a public health issue, but also a social and gender equality issue. Free Being Me helps young people feel good about the way they look to reach their full potential. The FBM curriculum uses methodologies and activities that are proven to promote body confidence. Building up a girl's body confidence aids in building leadership skills, improve their academic attainment and physical and mental health, and empowers them to use their voice to stand up to societal pressures around appearance and appearance-related biases and discrimination people face.

More than 6.5 million young people have been reached by the programme since 2013, and we are aiming to reach another 3 million by 2025 for the Phase III. 

👉 Free Being Me has a new body-confidence building curriculum! Calling all MOs to participate in the online training on the new FBM curriculum and download the new FBM toolkits at https://free-being-me.com/

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Rio Otara, Global Programme Manager, <rio.otara@wagggs.org>

Abigail Bobby, Global Programme Coordinator, <abigail.bobby@wagggs.org>