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Appendix 1 - Bibliography

Appendix 1 - Bibliography

Appendix 1 Bibliography


Books and articles


Belbin, R. Meredith (1996): Team Roles at Work.



Belbin, R. Meredith (1996): The Coming Shape of Organization.



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Harvard Business Press


Reference material


  • WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme module Setting Direction. Section 8 Succession Planning
  • The special section on Succession Planning in the WLDP module Setting Direction is dedicated individuals who want or have a need to learn about Succession Planning; this publication is dedicated national organizations, regions and other organizations who want to develop a strategy for succession planning as part of the organizational framework
  • WAGGGS’ Guidelines on Structure and Management of Associations
  • WAGGGS: How to…. A Guide to Constitutions (2009)
  • WAGGGS: Tool Kit on Recruitment and Retention of Membership
  • WAGGGS Training Guidelines: “Identifying Adults with Necessary Skills to Meet the Needs of the Association”, pp. 7-10
  • WAGGGS&WOSM Leadership Capacity Project Tool 7


The Urban Institute, USA: Volunteer Management – Practices and Retention of Volunteers (www.urban.org/UploadedPDF/411005_VolunteerManagement.pdf)


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Other materials


How to Build Successful Teams. The Belbin Way (1996) (CD-Rom)