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Appendix 2 - Template

Appendix 2 - Template

Appendix 2


Succession Planning Strategy Template




Responsible for

Implementation and revision















Election/appointment periods

Talent spotting

Candidate selection and appointment

Upgrading talent

Overlapping positions

Revising traditions

Documentation and registering the knowledge



Time resources


Handing over

Finding other interests

Introducing or suggesting yourself to interests



1    Vision and Strategy

Vision → mission → objectives → goals

For each goal describe

  • The ideal situation
  • The worst case
  • The risks
    • Consequences of each risk
    • How to prevent or minimize the risk
  • The implications to other goals
  • Number and characteristics of the key roles responsible for each goal

Prioritize the key roles/areas/goals in your association

2    Defining key issues, needs and possible gaps

Tasks for the position

• Needed knowledge

• Needed skills

• Needed experience

• Personal competences

• Other benefits

• Network

Areas of attention – missing resources or competences to be developed

Timeline/plan for the development of the gaps discovered

3   Recruiting talent and successors


• Where you can find your talent

• How you will choose successors

• What barriers you might prevent – and how

Create a talent pool

4    Developing talent and successors

Create a development plan including

• On-the-job training

• Off-the-job training

• Networking and peer exchange opportunities


5   Handing over process

  • Make a plan for the start
  • Install the successor
  • Sort out procedures and documents
  • Decrease the tasks for the predecessor and increase the tasks for the successor
  • Consider how to provide personal support

6    Revising the Strategy

• Step by step revision

• Adjusting to constitution

• Adjusting procedures