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The World Centres provide a safe place where Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from around the world can connect, have adventures and build agency. Each World Centre provides a unique environment to empower young women with the confidence and leadership skills to create a better world. 

🌍 Join us to explore and learn more about the impact of the five World Centres: Our Chalet, Pax Lodge, Sangam, Kusafiri, and Our Cabana

✴️ Learn how you can take part in a life-changing experience at one of the World Centres through volunteering or programmes

Frequently asked questions

Travelling to world centres FAQ

I would like to be a volunteer

Each World Centre website has the details of how to become a volunteer

Our Chalet

Pax Lodge


Our Cabana

Which World Centre should I visit?

A decision tree for choosing which World Centre to visit


How do I donate to the World Centres?

Each World Centre has group(s) of sponsors and Friends around the world. For more information about each World Centre please contact them directly. You can make a general World Centre donation on the website