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How do volunteers join the pool?

Every year, the collective efforts and unwavering commitment of our volunteers positively impact the lives of countless girls and young women worldwide.

We are continuously seeking individuals to become part of our volunteer pool, a dynamic roster comprising adult members from WAGGGS Member Organisations. These organisations encompass national Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting associations around the globe. Once enrolled in the volunteer pool, opportunities for volunteering are directly shared with you. We provide updates on WAGGGS, insights into the Movement, and a range of valuable learning resources.

Who can join us?

🙋‍♀️ Should a member (18+) from your Association wish to volunteer for WAGGGS, the initial step is to join the volunteer pool. To achieve this, volunteers need an approval from their respective Member Organisation. To support a volunteer, please review the information sheets below and complete the Volunteer Application for WAGGGS form.

👉 By becoming part of the pool, your members connect with peers from various WAGGGS Member Organisations, access learning avenues, and can apply for volunteer opportunities. Although these opportunities are openly advertised on our volunteer network and website, only individuals within the volunteer pool are eligible to apply.

To enter the pool, follow these steps:

  • Volunteers require approval from their Member Organisation (MO/CA).

        1) Read all Information Sheets

      2) Complete and Sign the Volunteer Application for WAGGGS form English | French | Spanish | Arabic

      3) Return the form to 

  • Once the Volunteer Engagement Team at WAGGGS accepts the recommendation, an invitation to join the Campfire online platform will be extended. On this platform, take the opportunity to connect with fellow members. New volunteering prospects will be shared on Campfire; make it a habit to stay informed by checking the platform regularly.

  • Upon joining the volunteer pool, you'll be invited to an online face-to-face induction meeting and guided through a self-directed induction process. This orientation acquaints volunteers with overarching WAGGGS policies, procedures, and network operations. Additionally, signing and returning the provided Terms of References will be necessary.

💡 For the most current process and pool-related documents, always refer to Campfire.