Leadership Events Team
Leadership Events Team • 12 January 2024


The Juliette Low Seminar Logo Design Challenge!

We're looking for a fun, creative and meaningful logo that captures the essence of this longstanding seminar - and we think you can help us find it! 

Share your creativity and talent by designing your suggestion for the new JLS logo. 


Objective of the Logo:

The logo should visually represent the ideas of leadership, international friendship and female empowerment. It should evoke a sense of unity, diversity, and the transformative power of leadership development. The logo should be able to be easily adapted to any theme. We want this logo to be the official logo for all future JLS events, not only for JLS 2024. 

About the Juliette Low Seminar:

Since 1932, the Juliette Low Seminar has provided an intercultural, inspirational, and international experience, fostering friendships across borders and encouraging young women to step outside their comfort zones. 

The JLS is known for bringing young women from Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting together for an inspirational and life changing leadership programme. This programme is dedicated to empowering participants with the leadership practice and mindsets essential for success. 


Ideas of Possible Key Elements to Include:

  • Interconnected World: Illustrate the global nature of the event by incorporating elements that symbolize international connections and unity.
  • Leadership Symbolism: Integrate symbols that represent leadership, growth, and female empowerment.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Reflect the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the participants, promoting a sense of inclusivity.


Color Palette & Style Preference:

Please reference the WAGGGS style guide attached to this topic. 


Designs should be adaptable to various assets, for example:

  • Front Cover for documents (Vertical and horizontal: Canva, InDesign)
  • Banners for social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: Canva, PNG)
  • Template for social media with editable text (Canva)
  • Badge (Illustrator, PNG) 
  • T-shirt (Illustrator, PNG) 
  • PowerPoint template (Canva)

Additional Information:

  • The theme for JLS 2024 is peace.
  • The theme for JLS 2022 was #LeadForImpact.
  • The theme for JLS 2019 was #LeadOutLoud.

Submission Guidelines:

Please submit to jls@wagggs.org

  1. Your design in a high-resolution format. 
  2. A brief explanation of the design concept and symbolism.

send my design to jls@wagggs.org

Deadline for Submissions:

Friday March 22, 2024

The creator of the selected design will work with the Global Girls Leadership Programme Communications Coordinator to finalise the design for the official logo and create all necessary assets (for example, banners, templates, badges, etc.) for the Juliette Low Seminar.


If you have any questions, please email us at jls@wagggs.org.

Yours in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting,

The Global Girls Leadership Programme Events Team

Mari, June, Narindra, Chido, Anna and Christa