Leadership Reflection Journal

Inês Moreira
Inês Moreira WAGGGS Staff • 1 December 2022

This reflection guide is a supporting tool to help anyone practise the Girl Guide and Girl Scout leadership model in their daily life!

Reflection is an essential part of the experiential learning process, which is the core of our non-formal educational method. Learning by doing only really works when we have the chance to reflect on what happened and internalise what we learned as a result.

It also helps us take ownership of our own learning and identify our internal power and resources. This helps us take the lead in our learning, following our own path at our own pace. The more we know ourselves, the more aware we can be of how our actions and reactions affect others, and the more we can relate our learning to our lives.

Use this guide to explore who you are as a leader, define personal development objectives and practise daily reflection.

How to use the leadership reflection journal