Candela, Chair of our World Board has a message to share in celebration of #IVD2023. A big heartfelt THANK YOU to all WAGGGS Volunteers around the world.

Share your volunteering story, use our hashtags, tag your friends, and enjoy Candela’s message ♥️

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Hey everyone, it's Candela, and I'm thrilled to connect with all you fantastic WAGGGS volunteers worldwide.

WAGGGS is more than an organisation; it's a dynamic movement fueled by each and every one of you – our incredible volunteers. Whether in local units or shaping global initiatives, you are 1.8 million strong volunteers who are the heartbeat of WAGGGS.

Every single day, you're not just ensuring young people have a blast, but you're also imparting skills that will stay with them for a lifetime. Today, I want to take a moment to celebrate each Girl Guides and Girl Scouts volunteer around the globe.

Your dedication, commitment, resilience, and leadership shine through in everything you do. Whether contributing to WAGGGS global initiatives or guiding day-to-day operations, you're reaching over 8 million young minds with impactful, life-changing programs.

Together, we're on a mission – a mission for An equal world where all girls can thrive! Your efforts, your passion, and your hard work are the driving force behind this movement.

To all of you, I say: keep volunteering, keep enabling girls and young women to develop their fullest potential. You're not just volunteers; you're the architects of a better future. You're the ones making a significant difference by dedicating your time, skills, and resources to empower the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you, thank you for making Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting not just possible but extraordinary.

Here's to another year of making waves, inspiring change, and building a brighter future for all! 🚀💙✨