Red Pride Week 2023

Rebecca Liss
Rebecca Liss • 16 May 2023

With great pleasure, The YESS Girls’ Movement presents The 2023 RED PRIDE WEEK Activity Pack. We trust that this pack will bring girl guides and girl scouts world wide together in solidarity to make a commitment to removing any barriers that hinder girls and young women from realising their full potential because they menstruate.

📚Carefully packaged with 13 activities to be done across 5 days (from 24th to 28th May), the pack gives girls and young women the space to get innovative and have fun as they create awareness and engage different stakeholders in taking responsibility to make commitments towards breaking barriers, taboos and stigma around menstruation.

Bringing this resource to life has been an impressive, combined effort of different people including a 30 Member Planning Team (which included the WAGGGS YESS Coordination Team; MO YESS Task Force Members and representatives of the WAGGGS strategic Partnerships team). Over 50 young women pre-tested the Activity Pack to ensure its viability and usability. So it is a tried, tested and proven resource.

Thank you to our friends at WASH United who make MH Day happen each year and created the Rosie’s World programme, which has already reached over 100,000 Girl Guides and Girl Scouts across the Africa Region with education and confidence building to manage and speak out about their periods.

Very special appreciation goes to the WAGGGS-NOREC Collaboration which supports Red Pride as one of the Core initiatives of the YESS Girls’ Movement.

Wishing all Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Worldwide a happy Red Pride Week  and Menstrual Hygiene Day. 🩸


Download the Activity Pack in our 4 official languages