Walk the World Challenge

Catherine Harris
Catherine Harris WAGGGS Staff • 17 October 2022

We all want to protect a peaceful planet. You can do this, by joining with Miku and your sisters throughout the Movement to collectively walk around the world and share stories like Miku’s along the way.

Organise a walk with your troop or unit where you can get creative thinking about ways to bring peace to the environment. You can get your friends, family and people in your life to donate money for the steps you take, raising money as you walk for the World Thinking Day Fund.

This challenge will start on World Thinking Day, February 22, 2023, and will conclude on Earth Day, April 22, 2023. That’s exactly 2 months to reach your goal. With 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts working together, let’s see how many times we can circle the globe! Each step we take together is a step towards protecting our planet and a peaceful future. 

There will be an online form to submit your steps/km/miles as a unit or troop and it will take Miku further along her journey round the world. You can also donate any funds you collect through the challenge. 

This challenge will launch in February so be sure to revisit this page then, where you will find all the details you need to participate and complete the World Thinking Day activity pack. 

Walk the World


What's next? 

  • Visit the platform to enter your collective steps as a troop or unit and make a donation throughout February, March and April  
  • Follow Miku across an online map as she completes her trip around the world
  • Hear from Member Organisations and World Centres as we reach key milestones along the way  
  • Share stories about your walks and activities on social media and campfire to help motivate others
  • Celebrate with us on Earth Day April 22 when the challenge will finish
  • There will be a prize for those who walk the furthest and those who collect the most donations! 
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