FBM Newsletter & 4th Q Reports

Abigail Bobby-Molotsi
Abigail Bobby-Molotsi • 26 January 2024
FBM Quarterly Reports



We have so much to celebrate from 2023, and a whole lot more to look forward to in 2024.

Here are some of the exciting activities that took place throughout 2023.  

Big Wins for 2023!

  • 120% increase in the number of Member Organizations Onboarded (from 15 in 2022 to 33 in 2023)

  • 148% increase in the number of Member Organizations with trained facilitators on the new FBM (from 21 in 2022 to 52 in 2023)

  • 334% increase in the number of trained leaders (from 92 in 2022 to 400 in 2023)

  • 1,008,52 Lives reached as of 3rd quarter of 2023 
























New FBM Team Member:

We are pleased to share that Rio Otara, our FBM/ABC Global Programmes Manager is currently serving as the interim Deputy Head of Global Programmes and will be looking after other areas of work aside from FBM. As such we have expanded our team and onboarded another Global Programmes Coordinator who will be working with us. Let us all welcome Sarah Ledjou to our expanding FBM/ABC team! You could contact Sarah and Abigail for any support needed or inquiries on FBM/ABC. 

Programme Delivery and Innovation Highlights:  

We hosted regional in-person FBM/ABC Expert Facilitators Training, at the Sangam World Centre in India and Nuestra Cabana in Mexico.

Congratulations! to the 18 participants from the Asia-Pacific Region and 13 Participants from the Western Hemisphere who completed the training and are now officially part of the FBM/ABC Expert Facilitation Pool! They are currently strategizing and preparing a sustainability plan for the program within their regions.


The European Academy in Wiesbaden, Germany: 

FBM/ABC team shared taster sessions at The European Academy 2023, that explored the link between mental-health and body confidence.


Global Advocacy Champions:

FBM supported to send Global Advocacy Champions in the Commission on the Status of Women in New York. The Global Advocacy Champions asked governments to prioritise body confidence of young women, with reference to the #SheSurfsFreedom survey result which revealed that 74% of girls who use social media believe they are put under pressure to look a certain way.






More Celebrations in 2023:

In 2023, FBM celebrated 10 years of impact and lives reached.

Our program was also awarded at the better society awards for the incredible change it has been making in the lives of woman and girls around the world.

If you have missed it, please do check out all the amazing stories shared on the WAGGGS Instagram page. #10YearsOfFBM







World Conference:

The FBM team ran a taster session at the 38th world conference, where many Member Organization’s from different regions participated and experienced the new FBM







Celebrating all of you!! 

What is new for 2024?


Coming soon…

We are excited to launch a new addition to the FBM/ABC activity packs, called Camping with Confidence!

This pack aims to support facilitators at camps or other event settings to:

* Improve participants’ body confidence

* Engage participants in the topic of body    confidence through fun outdoor, risk-taking, mess-    making activities

* Inspire participants to continue their body confidence journey when they return home from the camp/event.







In case you have missed it, we have launched the renewed/updated Action on Body Confidence activity packs on our website. 

The updated ABC has an activity pack for 7-10 years old, and 11-25 years old plus a younger and older Advocacy Adventure Map that is linked to the outputs in each of the sessions in the activity packs.
Download your copies now Download your copies now: https://free-being-me.com/downloads/





Quarterly Progress Report Now Online! 

How has your 4th quarter been of 2023? We hope to hear from you too. 
We are pleased to inform you that the Quarterly Reporting and Monitoring Tool, which we now call the Quarterly Progress Report will now be submitted online. 
For those who are implementing FBM in the 4th quarter, you can now submit your reports through Campfire

As we are in the process of piloting this reporting mechanism, please let us know if you are facing challenges with accomplishing the form. You could always reach out to us for any assistance needed.
No updates or activities conducted? No problem! Just drop us a message.
We are more than happy to hear from you

Kind regards,

-Your FBM Global Programs Team-