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🏕️ CAMPFIRE launched on March 11th to MO Representatives.

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Campfire Launch Video!

🌠 Juliette Low Seminar

The Seminar will break barriers to leadership by supporting young women to broaden their perspectives, lead for impact and create pathways for girls to be heard.

🔒Only available for participants



38th World Conference

The WAGGGS World Board and the Girl Guides Association of Cyprus are delighted to host you during the 38th WAGGGS World Conference!

WAGGGS Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Webinars 👩‍💻

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World Thinking Day 2023 🌱 


We are thrilled to publish the World Thinking Day 2023 Activity Pack, Our World Our Peaceful Future, The Environment & Peace.



Non-Formal Education Hub

Anyone involved in educational programme and/or adult training, learning and development at a decision-making level is invited to join.

💡 Know more about Campfire.

You’ll learn about its purpose, features and opportunities to connect and learn it offers to our members organizations, volunteers and young women.





Compass 2032

The Capacity Building (CB) Volunteers are over 140 volunteers from 40+ countries who provide support to Member Organisations in each area of the WAGGGS Capacity Building Framework, including collecting and curating useful resources.


WAGGGS Global Strategy 2022-2023

Programme in the spotlight

👉 Free Being Me has a new body-confidence building curriculum!

Calling all MOs to participate in the online training on the new FBM curriculum and gain access to the new FBM toolkits.

Free Being Me Space

We have created an updated, more representative and interactive version of Free Being Me.


Whether it’s the World Centre in London, Mexico, Switzerland, India or the moving centre across Africa, each destination offers a programme of events and activities reflecting the character of the country where it’s located.