We are excited to share a preview of Campfire,

the new digital home for the Girl Guide and Girl Scout Movement.

Campfire is still a work in progress!

We will launch Campfire fully at the beginning of 2022 to all MO representatives, WAGGGS volunteers and event participants.

If you attended the WAGGGS 2021 World Conference you are invited to join Campfire early, and work with us to grow the platform.

Meanwhile this dashboard will give you a peek at what Campfire can do.

Explore and enjoy!


Campfire Launch Video!

Get Started!

Right now, you are not logged in to Campfire. 

Some Campfire content is visible to public users who are not logged in. You can see a sample of this here.

You can check out some featured courses and read resources shared by our Member Organisations and the Capacity Building and Core Mission teams.











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Campfire is a great tool for MOs to share about their experience, good practices, projects.

Here a sample of what other MOs want to share with you

The Capacity Building (CB) Volunteers are over 140 volunteers from 40+ countries who provide support to Member Organisations in each area of the WAGGGS Capacity Building Framework, including collecting and curating useful resources. Campfire will be used to share these resources with all Member Organisations, as well as give MOs the chance to share their own resources and good practices to support MO development.

Learn the basics about Campfire from our User Guide (coming soon!)

In the section below you can see three courses we created to share what courses can look like on Campfire. 

To fully complete these courses you need to be a logged in user. Only World Conference participants that agreed to WAGGGS sharing their data with Campfire have a user account at the moment.

We look forward to offering certificates for course completion to all users by the end of the year

This is an introductory course to the Girl Guide and Girl Scout Leadership Model and how you can apply it in your personal, professional and Girl Guide/Girl Scout lives. 

The Voices Against Violence Curriculum has been created in partnership with UN Women to support girls, young women and boys to understand the root causes of violence, identify forms, understand and claim their rights.

Through Surf Smart 2.0 you will explore how you can use the Internet as part of Generation Digital; not only to communicate, learn and play, but also to get involved with society.

Visit the World Centers space on Campfire