CAT Form Sample - English

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Welcome to WAGGGS Capacity Assessment Tool (CAT) Form:  CAT Form Sample - English.

Please note this is a sample form for you to explore how the CAT forms work and all submissions will be deleted after 30 days. 

The Capacity Assessment Tool is a self-assessment tool designed to enable our MOs to take an overview of their strengths and to identify any areas that may need improvement. It supports national Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting associations to understand their own organisational capacity as measured against an organisational capacity model and defined minimum standards of membership.

Throughout the CAT, we have also used icons to highlight elements which reflect the key WAGGGS priorities, as articulated in Compass 2032.

Please do refer to the Frequently Asked Questions, Guidelines and Glossary before you go through the tool and ask your Relationship Manager for any additional support you may need.

If you do not have time to complete the whole form you can save your progress as a draft. You will be sent an email which will include a link from which you can access the draft for 60 days. This link can be shared, allowing others to continue working on the form. After 60 days the draft will be deleted if it has not been completed and submitted.

After completing and submitting the form you will be sent an email confirming the responses you have submitted and a link to update your responses in the future should you need to. This link can be shared, allowing others to update the responses.