Future Leaders Project is an extension of a fruitful decennial cooperation between KFUM spejder and Les Scouts Tunisiens

The development objective of this project is to act proactively against radicalism tendencies, interpersonal rejection, individual or collective grievances or social alienation that are currently perceived in Tunisia, primarily in the marginalized areas dispersed throughout the country. 

This project have three major objectives:

  1. young men and women participate in creating positive change in their own lives and benefit their local communities by using learned competencies and skills actively
  2. Local Tunisian scout groups attract young men and women and give them space to feel included and respected in the society 
  3. Youth is engaged in the democratic transition and decision making of Tunisia 

To reach these objectives, The project has been divided into four components, three are dedicated to activities in Tunisia (volunteers DK-TN) and one for advocacy activities in Denmark (Volunteers DK).

  1. The Social Entrepreneurship (SE) component covers the first objective by making Awareness Seminars on political topics, and management training courses on how to manage social projects in local communities.
  2. The Civic society Platforms (CSP) component educates scouts called  "Volunteers Organizational Developers" who will help strengthen local scout groups as well as help them implement the family scouting concept in Les Scouts Tunisiens.
  3. The Democratic Change Agents (DCA) component strengthens young Tunisians' capacity to engage in political matters both nationally and locally through events such as "Young Voices Forums (National and local). A Citizenship Day event is programmed to promote scouting movement's involvement in developing communities.
  4. The Public Diplomacy Activities in Denmark (PDA) component is responsible for all communication on the project in Denmark, both internally and externally. Thus, they promote the project and inspire others with the methods and results accomplished while implementing the project.







This is an example of the monthly newsletter dedicated to the project, and destined to the volunteers and scouts in general, it is published every start of the month on facebook page. This is a joint effort between both volunteers, it contains news, upcoming events, highlights, portrait (one Danish and one Tunisian) and a photos albums in case of an event.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FutureLeadersDKTN/


newsletter Salim 1

newsletter Salim 2