Here's the updated activity packs of Free Being Me. It consists of the following:

1. Facilitator Guide

2. Younger Age Activity Pack (7-10 yrs old)

3. Middle Age Activity Pack (11-14 yrs old)

4. Older Age Activity Pack (15 yrs old and above)

5. Younger Age Journal

6. Middle/Older Age Journal

You may also download the English, French, Spanish and Arabic Activity Packs through the FBM website:

If you are printing the Free Being Me materials, you can download the print-ready files through this link:…

We are happy to share that we have now published the renewed Action on Body Confidence Activity Packs. 


Download a copy of the activity packs and advocacy adventure maps through the FBM website. We are still working on the Arabic, French and Spanish versions and we'll upload it in the website once available: