World Conference - Day 4 News

World Conference  Programme Team
World Conference Programme Team WAGGGS Staff • 7 August 2023
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We hope you enjoyed an interactive day from sharing experiences in Quality Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting; to exploring WAGGGS’ global offer in the round tables and then learning from each other in the networking sessions and workshops.    

Thank you to all of the facilitators who volunteered to provide a workshop and help create such a diverse range of topics for participants to enjoy.  

Make sure you arrive promptly tomorrow to hear the announcement of the new World Board Chair and Vice Chairs. You may like to review the voting order that the Procedural Team have arranged for the Proposed Motions and Proposed Amendments. Please note voting sessions will be closed after the roll call commences. This means that people will NOT be allowed to enter the room late.  

The Procedural Team would like to announce that Proposed Motion 16 and Proposed Amendment 9.1 have been withdrawn. This is reflected in the updated Document 6c: Proposed Motions and Proposed Amendments. Remember you can also review the bidding documents from Cambodia, Ghana and Tunisia on Campfire.  

We will then enjoy the Closing Business and Awards session with our final keynote speaker. If you have a gift you would like to offer our Cypriot hosts or WAGGGS, they will be available to receive these in the lobby area outside plenary during the breaks before and after this session.  

We end the 38th World Conference at the Closing Ceremony at Eleftheria Square. Be ready to party! 

Reminders for tomorrow:

  • Head delegates remember to fully charge your voting devices overnight 
  • Please note that the dress code is informal Guiding / Scouting wear. Don’t forget your scarves and your lanyard for the Closing Ceremony which you will need for admittance. 
  • Be ready to depart for the Closing Ceremony on foot from hotels led by the Service Team from 18:45. Return buses to hotels have been arranged for you free of charge. 

Information about airport transfers is available. Any questions - please go to the Information Desk.   

If you have any feedback that you wish to send to the Planning Team on anything related to WoCo, feel free to send it to us through the form available on Campfire.  

We are looking forward to seeing all of you on the fifth day of the 38th World Conference.  

Yours in Guiding and Scouting,  
World Conference Planning Team

We did the breakdown again for plenary sessions, have a look:

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