WAGGGS designed a Capacity Assessment Tool to support national Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting associations to understand their own organisational capacity as measured against an organisational capacity model and defined minimum standards of membership.

This is a self-assessment tool designed to enable our MOs to take an overview of their strengths and to identify any areas that may need improvement. The tool also assists the WAGGGS Global Team - and our strong international team of Capacity Building Volunteers - to identify what type of support is required to most effectively develop and grow each association, and to support the development of new and improved tailored services and products.

We hope that you will find the CAT helpful in many ways. Please remember that this is not a test, but a tool that provides a way to review, consolidate and measure progress. It helps define areas for improvement and opens up discussion on strategy, allowing for both team-building and a holistic view of the organisation. The healthy, structured discussion it aims to generate is in itself a learning process that will help drive a focused and powerful action plan for future progress.

The benefits of the CAT are practical as well. For instance, it can be a very helpful tool when approaching fundraising partners, because it shows a thorough grasp and understanding of the most important elements of how the organisation functions. And it shows transparency and a willingness to share information and strive for constant, measurable improvement.