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What is Capacity Building?


WAGGGS collaborates with Member Organisations (MOs) so they can strengthen their organisational capacity and be overall better equipped to offer a high-quality girls experience to their members.

We work to strengthen capacity in the areas of:

  • Young people in Gil Guiding and Girl Scouting
  • Adults in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting
  • Safe space for all
  • Organisational Structure and Management
  • Organisational Identity

Being a vast and diverse movement, we are fully aware that we can’t approach all MOs in the same identical way. As an organisation we adapt to local contexts. A team of highly qualified volunteers in each of the above areas works with WAGGGS MOs in a variety of ways. 

We offer tailored support, meaning that a qualified volunteer (or a team) will work with the leadership of a MO to assess together their needs, agree on the change they want to see in their organisation, assess their resources and then work together on a plan that is relevant to the MO, accessible and achievable, exciting and MO-lead. Volunteers are assigned to projects based on their expertise, experience, language and understanding of the MO context.

We also offer global and regional webinars, and cluster MOs based on similar needs and context to provide training. MOs can access synchronous and asynchronous online learning, and we facilitate peer-to-peer capacity strengthening, encouraging our Member Organisations to share their tools and support each other.



We provide tools, connections and the global voice to keep the Girl Guide and Girl Scout Movement united and thriving. This is the value that guided our work on the Capacity Building Framework. In 2014, at the 35th World Conference in Hong Kong, WAGGGS Member Organisations (MOs) committed themselves to the Global Membership Development Strategy in order to reach ambitious and sustainable growth targets for the Movement. In 2015-2016, WAGGGS conducted extensive consultations with MOs, Regional Committees, Working Groups and staff that resulted in major changes to organisational structure. WAGGGS reviewed the way we work with MOs, refined its Mission, Vision and Purpose through extensive research, and conducted a review of all documents, toolkits, processes and systems in use. This led to the development of a Capacity Building Framework, which includes a self- assessment tool (the Capacity Assessment Tool or CAT). In 2021, WAGGGS published Compass 2032, its new vision statement for the Girl Guide and Girl Scout Movement. In 2022, this, together with feedback received from Member Organisations led us to review and update the CAT to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of our Members.