Welcome to International Day of the Girl 2022!


Welcome to the #GirlsSpeakUp activity pack! We have designed this fun activity pack to help Girl Guides and Girl Scouts of all ages to have their say in our global youth consultation in celebration of International Day of the Girl 2022.


About International Day of the Girl


11 October was declared International Day of the Girl[1]  (IDG) by the United Nations in 2012. Ever since, Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world have been celebrating IDG every year. It is a key moment for us to come together to raise up girls' voices, and show how our Movement empowers girls and young women to shape the world they want to see all year long.


Why is our theme #GirlsSpeakUp?


We have made the commitment to become a girl-led Movement by 2032. To be truly girl-led means that, at all levels from local to global, we must create every opportunity we can to provide a brave space so that girls can speak up about their feelings, experiences, and opinions. 


This is why our 2022 International Day of the Girl activity pack is not only a series of engaging activities for girls to incorporate into their meetings, but it is also a global #ListenToGirls youth consultation!


For many adults in our Movement, the idea of facilitating a youth consultation may seem daunting. We hope that by following the steps laid out in this #GirlsSpeakUp activity pack, you will discover how simple (and rewarding) it is to consult your Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in a way that is Relevant, Exciting, Accessible, and Learner-led (R.E.A.L).


The games and activities in this #GirlsSpeakUp activity pack will enable girls to share their feelings, experiences, and opinions in relation to these questions:


●      What does Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting mean to you?

●      What do you wish to experience and learn about through Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting?

As part of the #ListenToGirls youth consultation, you will make a pledge to use the information you gather to implement activities which are more girl-led and aligned with girls’ interests and needs.  WAGGGS will use the information you provide from your youth consultation to develop initiatives which are R.E.A.L for the girls all across our Movement and advocate on the issues important to them.


How to complete the pack


The games and activities suggested in this pack can be adapted to suit girls of all ages and groups of all sizes. They emphasise girl choice and can be experienced in person or virtually depending on your local context. Your group may also create your own activities to do in order to meet the objectives of the first three parts of the #ListenToGirls youth consultation. Parts four and five must be completed as written.


Steps to complete the #ListenToGirls youth consultation and earn the #GirlsSpeakUp badge:


Part 1: Prepare to launch!
Objective: Create your own way to introduce your group to the concept of a youth consultation, International Day of the Girl, and how the things they discuss will be used in the future.


Part 2: Ready, set, SAFE!

Objective: Choose one activity which sets a safe and brave space for the girls to participate in the youth consultation.


Part 3: Speak up!

Objective: Choose one activity to enable the girls to answer the key questions of the #ListenToGirls  youth consultation.  Make sure to keep the activities R.E.A.L.


Part 4: Pledge to keep it R.E.A.L!

Objective: Girls and leaders make the pledge to keep it R.E.A.L by co-creating a group activity or project to undertake in the coming 12 months based on the results gathered from the #ListenToGirls youth consultation.


Part 5 (leaders only): Send us your youth consultation results!

Objective: Send WAGGGS the results of your youth consultation. This will help us to design future projects, activities, and campaigns that are truly relevant to girls.


Each activity should take under 20 minutes to complete (depending on the group size), so you should be able to complete the whole youth consultation in one meeting. It is important to ensure that you allow time after each activity for reflections, discussions, and sharing. Those are key to completing the activities, and essential to the learning journey. If a group completes all five parts, they have earned the #GirlsSpeakUp badge.


Let’s get started!


Did you know that 8 in 10 girls and young women want to be involved in decision-making that directly affects their lives?

(Source: U-report)



Download design files of assets to make the activity pack available in your own language

If you wish to insert your own language into the assets for local use and promotion, you can click on the links below and follow these steps. 

  1. Go to "File"
  2. Choose "Make a copy" 
  3. Move to Folder in your own Canva account
  4. Please share the translated document with us at maria.pazo@wagggs.org so we can upload it in our web and here to make it available to everyone.

(Please make sure you only edit after making your own copy so the original template is maintained for the usage of others)

To help you record the answers to your youth consultation and complete the #ListenToGirls Global Survey, you can download the recording sheet attached at the bottom.


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