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How to complete the CAT on Campfire

CAT Online Form Links

There are ten online CAT forms, one for Essential elements and one for Take it Further elements for each of the five sections of the CAT. Each form has its own link and anyone with the link can access the form.

The list of form links is available to senior leaders of Member Organisations and requires a specific permission on Campfire to view the list. If you are a WAGGGS contact person you will generally have had this permission added to your Campfire account. If you are having difficulty accessing the links list please contact the Campfire Team and copy in your Regional Manager:

The CAT should be filled in only by those assigned by their MO to do so. In many MOs the different areas of the CAT will be filled in by different people or working groups, depending on their expertise and role. The links can be shared with others who have also been assigned to fill in the CAT but please remember that the forms can be accessed by anyone with the links so please share them wisely.


CAT Online Form Links


How to complete the CAT Online Form


For each element, think about how well you currently perform as an organisation.

We’ve described (at one end of the scale) what poor performance might look like and (at the other end of the scale) what excellent performance might look like.

At the appropriate location on this scale, you will also see highlighted the description of what WAGGGS would consider the solid foundation for an MO.

Slide the blue slider to the appropriate location according to your self evaluation.

Online form element setup


If you do not have time to complete the whole form you can save your progress as a draft. You will be sent an email which will include a link from which you can access the draft for 60 days. This link can be shared, allowing others to continue working on the form. After 60 days the draft will be deleted if it has not been completed and submitted.

After completing and submitting the form you will be sent an email confirming the responses you have submitted and a link to update your responses in the future should you need to. This link can be shared, allowing others to update the responses.

When you complete the online form, your results will be automatically shared with WAGGGS and will inform future services and offer. If when completing the form, you request support from the Capacity Building team, a member of the team will contact you to discuss how to best assist you.  

A sample form is available if you would like to see how it works before completing the real form: Sample Form (Please note your responses in this form are deleted after 30 days.)