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How to complete the CAT offline

To complete the CAT offline, download the PDF version of the CAT in your preferred language and open the file.

For each element, think about how well you currently perform as an organisation.

We’ve described (at one end of the scale) what poor performance might look like and (at the other end of the scale) what excellent performance might look like.

At the appropriate location on this scale, you will also see highlighted the description of what WAGGGS would consider the solid foundation for an MO.

Click on top of the square or circle (this will depend on the version of Acrobat reader you are using) to select your option according to your self evaluation.

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Once you have completed the CAT, please email a copy to, along with information about any specific areas of development you would like the WAGGGS capacity building team to support you with. Please also include any development work you are going to complete as an MO without additional support. Your responses will be shared with relevant Regional Committee and staff members.

If your MO or Component Association has asked for capacity building support from WAGGGS, a member of the Capacity Building Team will be in touch within four weeks to discuss next steps.