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This is the value that guided our work on the Capacity Building Framework.


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Capacity Assessment Tool (CAT)

What is the Capacity Assessment Tool (CAT)?

WAGGGS has designed a Capacity Building Assessment Tool to support Member Organisations to understand their own organisational capacity as measured against an organisational capacity model and defined minimum standards of membership. The tool also assists the WAGGGS Global Team to identify what type of support is required to most effectively develop and grow each organisation, and to support the development of new and improved tailored services and products.

The CAT is made up of 5 sections and each section includes a number of standards and indicators.






How to Complete the CAT

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The CAT provides a way to review, consolidate and measure progress. It is designed to be an empowering support for self-reflection, allowing for team-building and a holistic view of the organisation.

CAT Online Form Links

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There are ten online CAT forms, one for Essential elements and one for Take it Further elements for each of the five sections of the CAT.

CAT Online Form Links

Explore a sample online CAT form

A sample form is available if you would like to see how it works before completing a real form.

CAT Sample Form - English

CAT Sample Form - French

CAT Sample Form - Spanish

CAT Sample Form - Arabic

CAT Resources

Download the CAT

The PDF document outlines the sections, standards and elements that make up the CAT.

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Capacity Building Support

Once you have completed the CAT, you should be able to use the results to identify your own priorities for development or improvement.